Vacancy Vacancy Thu, 04 Jun 2020 11:24:39 +0530 en-us Senior .Net Developer (MVC,CMS) Position in Chennai Tue, 30 Jul 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Responsibilities:\r\n• develop .net Web Applications\r\n• perform Tasks that Include Technical Design, Code Development, Documentation, Unit and Integration Tests, Troubleshoot and Bug Fix and Test Plan Generation\r\n• store, Retrieve, and Manipulate Data Related to Web Applications for Transactions and Reporting\r\n• modify Existing Application to Correct Errors, Allow It to Adapt to New Software Upgrades, or to Improve Its Performance\r\n• collaborate with Team Members to Determine Design Specifications or Details\r\n• work Together with Colleagues On Code Reviews, Internal Infrastructure, and Process Improvements\r\n• assist in Production Problem Resolution as Needed, Including Occasional Off-hour Support\r\n\r\nrequired Experience:\r\nmust Have\r\n• previous Work Experience in Developing Websites\r\n• must have a Sustained Track Record of Delivering High-quality Solutions On Time and Within Budget.\r\n• must Demonstrate a Strong Technical Competency in An Environment that Values Quality, Commitment, Growth, and Innovation.\r\n• the Ideal Candidate Will Be a Forward-thinking Member with 5+ Years of Strong Web Development Experience in Microsoft .net Technologies for Mid to High-scale Internet Web Sites\r\n• experience with Code Management Tools\r\n• excellent Attention to Detail and Able to Handle Multiple Tasks Simultaneously and Switch Between Tasks Quickly\r\n• development Methodology Experience On Both Waterfall and Agile\r\n• in Depth Working Knowledge Of:\r\no svn And/or Git\r\no c#/\r\no Mvc, Web Form, Entity Framework, Nhibernate\r\no angular Js, Jquery/javascript, Css3\r\no oracle, Ms Sql Server \r\no cms Tools like :sitefinity, Kentico, Umbraco,Dotnetnuke, \r\n Knowledge of Below Software Tools is a Plus\r\no jira\r\no ca Rally\r\no automobile Domain Experience \r\no experience in Supporting Global Applications PL/SQL Developer Mon, 30 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are Looking for a Talented Pl/sql Developer with Significant Modeling and Architecture Experience to Join Our Team. the Developer Will Analyze, Design, Develop, Test, Debug, and Document Data Solutions for Multiple Client Deliverables. Duties May also Include Reporting, Ad-hoc Requests, Issue Resolution as Well as Defining Design and Programming Recommendations.\r\n \r\nto Succeed in this Role, the Candidate Will have Proven Experience in Data Analysis, Data Solution Design and Data Management; She/he Will also Possess Excellent Communication, Analytical and Problem-solving Abilities.\r\n\r\ncandidate Will Report to Director, It.\r\nrequired Qualifications and Experience:\r\n• 5-7 Years Experience in Data Solution Design, Development, Testing and Documentation\r\n• knowledge, Development and Implementation of Restful Services\r\n• 5-7 Years Experience in Translating Data and Business Requirements Into Technical Specifications\r\n• driven Self-starter Who Can Work Both Independently and as a Team Member\r\n• 5-7 Years Experience Validating Data Through Development of Advanced Sql Solutions\r\n• 5-7 Years Experience with Design and Technical Review Processes\r\n• excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills\r\n• motivated By Satisfying Customer Needs\r\n• experience in Meeting with User Community, Ability to Drive Data Analysis Meetings for Data Migration from External Data Sources, and Documenting Data Conversion Requirements\r\n• 5-7 Years Experience Optimizing Pl/sql; Successful Candidate Must Be Fluent in Tuning Query Performance\r\n• 5-7 Years Experience Unix-shell Scripting; Job Automation, Work Flow Automation, Scheduling Automation; Jams Scheduler Experience \r\n• 2-5 Years Experience Developing Solutions in Python in a Relational And/or Nosql Data Environment. Kentico Developer Tue, 17 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Responsibilities:\r\n\r\n Develop .NET web applications\r\n\r\n Perform tasks that include technical design, code development, documentation, unit and\r\n\r\nintegration tests troubleshoot and bug fix and test plan generation\r\n\r\n Store, retrieve, and manipulate data related tweb applications for transactions and\r\n\r\nreporting\r\n\r\n Modify the existing application tcorrect errors, allow it tadapt tnew software upgrades,\r\n\r\nor timprove its performance\r\n\r\n Collaborate with team members tdetermine design specifications or details\r\n\r\n Work together with colleagues on code reviews, internal infrastructure, and process\r\n\r\nimprovements\r\n\r\n Assist in production problem resolution as needed, including occasional off-hour support\r\n\r\nRequired Experience:\r\n\r\nMust-Have\r\n\r\n Previous work experience in developing websites\r\n\r\n Must have a sustained track record of delivering high-quality solutions on time and within\r\n\r\nbudget.\r\n\r\n Must demonstrate a strong technical competency in an environment that values quality,\r\n\r\ncommitment, growth, and innovation.\r\n\r\n The ideal candidate will be a forward-thinking member with 5+ years of a strong web\r\n\r\ndevelopment experience in Microsoft .NET Technologies for mid thigh-scale internet\r\n\r\nweb sites\r\n\r\n Experience with code management tools\r\n\r\n Excellent attention tdetail and ability thandle multiple tasks simultaneously and switch\r\n\r\nbetween tasks quickly\r\n\r\n Development methodology experience on both waterfall and agile\r\n\r\n In-depth working knowledge of:\r\n\r\nSVN and/or GIT\r\n\r\nC#/VB.NET\r\n\r\nASP.NET MVC, Web Form, Entity Framework, NHibernate\r\n\r\nAngular JS, JQuery/JavaScript, css3\r\n\r\nOracle, MS SQL Server\r\n\r\nCMS Tools Like : Sitefinity, Kentico, Umbraco, DotNetNuke,\r\n\r\nKnowledge of below software tools is a plus\r\n\r\nJIRA\r\n\r\nCA Rally\r\n\r\nAutomobile Domain experience\r\n\r\nExperience in supporting Global applications Senior Data Analyst Tue, 17 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We have openings for Senior Data Analyst in MNC Chennai, Find the below Job description for your reference.\r\nIndependently executes data analysis, data mining, reporting and visualization projects using SQL, Hadoop, Alteryx, Qlikview, SAS and appropriate tools. Understands the requirements from project teams, processes appropriate data sets, generates insightful reports, develops appropriate wireframes/visualization and associated data workflows. Independently interacts with client management to prioritize projects, task and deliverables. The successful candidate has a passion and deep experience in descriptive analytics & reporting. She/he will have expertise in problem-solving, efficiently analyzing very large customer data sets from multiple, disparate sources; She/he will be able to multi-task between Adhoc and project-based analytics deliverables. Bachelor/Masters Degree in a technical field is required (computer science, information systems, mathematics, statistics); a Masters degree is preferred. Nlp Analyst Tue, 17 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Dear Folks,\r\nwe have Openings for Nlp Analyst in Mnc Chennai, Find the Job Below \r\nexperience (preferably Hands-on) in Applying Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, and Text Mining Techniques to Build Analytics Prototypes that Work On Massive Datasets. Candidate Should have Experience in Manipulating Both Structured and Unstructured Data in Various Formats, S, and Storage-mechanisms. Candidates Should have Excellent Problem-solving Skills with An Inquisitive Mind to Challenge Existing Practices. Candidates Should have Exposure to Multiple Programming Languages and Analytical Tools and Be Flexible to Using the Requisite Tools/languages for the Problem At-hand. Proficiency in Python is Mandatory. Preferred - Developing Nlp Models to Process Text in Different Languages (german, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and More).. Software Quality Assurance Engineer Mon, 06 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The Software Quality Assurance Engineer plays a significant role in the quality of our applications\r\nand is responsible for quality activities, automation scripting, analysis and tasks necessary for\r\nmeasuring and evaluating product quality and performance.\r\n \r\nThis individual will apply the software quality assurance process and methodology, proven\r\ncommunication, analytical and problem-solving skills to help identify, communicate and resolve\r\nsoftware issues in order to achieve the highest quality of our systems. Front End Developer Mon, 06 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Engineer Should Be Able To,\r\n1. Adopt the Disciplined Environment, Observe and Follow the Instructions Given By Peers.\r\n2. Understand the Requirements, Analyse and Clarify the Ambiguities and Suggest Solutions.\r\n3. Develop Front End for the Applications Using Reactjsb with Coding Standards.\r\n4. Write Test Cases, Perform Unit Test, Integration Test.\r\n5. Deliver Quality Deliverables\r\n6. Prepare Documents On Deliverables\r\n7. Possess Effective Communication Skill to Perform Demo to the Client and Gather Feedback.\r\n8. Educate and Support Junior Members of the Team. Senior Hadoop Developer Thu, 12 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The Hadoop Developer position will provide expertise in a wide range of technical areas, including but not limited to: Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem, Java, collaboration toolsets integration using SSO, configuration management, hardware and software configuration and tuning, software design and development, and application of new technologies and languages that are aligned with other client internal projects. \r\n1. Design and development of data ingestion pipelines.\r\n2. Perform data migration and conversion activities.\r\n3. Develop and integrate software applications using suitable development methodologies and standards, applying standard architectural patterns, taking into account critical performance characteristics and security measures.\r\n4. Collaborate with Business Analysts, Architects and Senior Developers to establish the physical application framework (e.g. libraries, modules, execution environments).\r\n5. Perform end to end automation of ETL process for various datasets that are being ingested into the big data platform.\r\nRequired:\r\n\r\n1. Hadoop (Cloudera (CDH)) , HDFS, Hive, Impala, Spark, Oozie, HBase\r\n2. SCALA \r\n3. SQL\r\n4. Linux\r\n5. JSON\r\n6. Python, Perl\r\nGood to Have:\r\n7. Strong Database Design Skills\r\n8. ETL Tools\r\n9. NoSQL databases (Mongo, Couchbase, Cassandra)\r\n10. Good understanding and working knowledge of Agile development\r\n1. Lead technical design sessions, suggest best solution options per industry standards \r\n2. Document and maintain project artifacts.\r\n2. Suggest best practices, and implementation strategies using Hadoop, Java, ETL tools.\r\n3. Maintain comprehensive knowledge of industry standards, methodologies, processes, and best practices.\r\n4. Other duties as assigned.